ARTASIAPACIFIC に、掲載。(Feb 25, 2022)

Weekly News Roundup: February 25, 2022

Digital art collective teamLab will open their second museum in China, teamLab Massless, in Beijing this year, following the opening of teamLab Borderless in Shanghai 2019. Located on the top floor of Beijing’s shopping mall Chaoyang Joy City Hall, the 10,000-square-meter space will be the neighbor of U2, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art’s new museum that opened on the same floor in December. (Excerpt from the text)

The New York Times に、掲載。(Feb 2, 2022)

A New Exhibition Space Gives Prague’s Art Scene Some Spark

The Kunsthalle Praha’s opening exhibition shows how the rapid technological advances of the past century inspired successive generations of artists, from the early days of cinematography to computer art. Works by Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy are displayed alongside contemporary works by the Tokyo-based art collective teamLab and the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, whose “Lightwave” installation greets visitors as they arrive.(Excerpt from the text)

LIVE JAPAN に、掲載。(Feb 7, 2022)

The teamLab Kairakuen Light Festival Returns to Ibaraki in 2022

This spring, the popular art collective, teamLab, returns to one of Japan's most famous gardens, bringing nature back to life with their interactive outdoor digital art exhibition.

teamLab is a digital art collective with a knack for combining dazzling displays of light and projection mapping with the beauty of nature. From February 1 to March 31, 2022, teamLab will team up with LuckyFM Ibaraki Broadcasting to transform Japan's historic Kairakuen garden into an interactive art exhibit that changes with the movements of the visiting crowd.(Excerpt from the text)

J-BIG に、掲載。(2022年2月4日)

デジタルアートミュージアム: 「欧州最大のデジタルアートの美術館を建設します」


J-BIG に、掲載。(2022年2月4日)

チームラボ: 「アートによって、人間と世界の新しい関係を模索したい」