Miami Herald 登载。(2020/10/06)

New Miami immersive art space Superblue has an opening date. And yes, it’s in December

Superblue, the new Allapattah space dedicated to immersive art, will open Dec. 22, bringing cheer to a month usually marked by international art fairs.
Its initial show, “Every Wall Is a Door,” will feature large-scale installations by light artist James Turrell, tech collaborative teamLab and Es Devlin, known for her performative sculptures.
“Each of these artists provokes us to see our relationship to the world and each other in completely new ways,” said Superblue Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst. (Excerpt from the text)

ART news 登载。(2020/10/06)

Experiential Art Center Superblue to Open with teamLab, James Turrell, Es Devlin Works

In August, it was announced that Superblue, a new enterprise dedicated to experiential art, would be opened by Pace Gallery president Marc Glimcher and former Pace London president Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst. After a couple months of mystery, Superblue has revealed its first plans for its inaugural art center, in Miami’s Allapattah neighborhood. Set to open on December 22, Superblue’s first exhibition will be “Every Wall Is a Door,” featuring large-scale installations by James Turrell, teamLab, and Es Devlin. (Excerpt from the text)

Sumikai 登载。(Oct 2, 2020)

Herbstliche Bergwaldausstellung von teamLab beleuchtet historischen Kyushu-Park

Die interaktiven digitalen Kunstausstellungen von teamLab lassen sich von der Natur inspirieren und entwickeln ihre eigene Sichtweise auf die verschiedenen Jahreszeiten Japans. Sie versuchen mit ihrer Technik eine innovative und beeindruckende Mischung aus beiden Kräften zu schaffen.
Die interaktiven digitalen Kunstausstellungen von teamLab sind zu einem Favoriten für Instagrammer auf der ganzen Welt geworden. (Excerpt from the text)

KAWA News 登载。(2020/10/02)

Saudi Arabia: a museum of “digital art” will open its doors in Jeddah

By 2023, the inhabitants and visitors of the city of Jeddah, on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia, may not see art in the same way. For by then, with the planned opening of a “digital art” museum, a trip to the museum will be much more futuristic than the idea we have today.
According to the announcement of the Ministry of Culture, the museum entitled TeamLab Borderless Jeddah, in honor of the Tokyo-based collective TeamLab that is collaborating on the project, will be located not far from Al-Balad, the old city of Jeddah, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Excerpt from the text)

grape 登载。(2020/09/30)

teamLab's autumn mountain forest exhibition lights up historic Kyushu park with signature digital art

teamLab’s interactive digital art exhibitions have become a favourite of Instagrammers thanks to the fully immersive aesthetic experience that their work offers. They are also inspired by nature and come up with their own takes on the various seasons of Japan, adding technology to the mix to create an innovative and impressive mix of the two forces. (Excerpt from the text)

Korea JoongAng Daily 登载。(2020/09/28)

Art collective teamLab combines humans and nature

Amid heated controversy over whether Instagram-friendly, spectacular digital images are now a field of contemporary art or just high-tech attractions, one of the world's most famous collectives for such works, teamLab, started a solo exhibition at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in central Seoul on Friday.
teamLab, which was formed in 2001 in Tokyo and now consists of hundreds of artists, engineers, programmers, computer graphic animators and other experts, presents 10 pieces of animated large-scale digital works, under the theme of "Life." (Excerpt from the text)

HYPEBEAST 登载。(2020/09/24)

Immerse Yourself in teamLab's Three-Dimensional Light Shower

Last month, acclaimed Japanese digital art collective teamLab unveiled its plans to launch a collection of immersive experiences inside a new facility called “MASTER” in Shanghai, China. The momentous project will take up two floors inside the TX Huaihai building with the inaugural launch of the collective’s first-ever nightlife concept. (Excerpt from the text)

The Art Newspaper 登载。(2020/09/14)

Saudi Arabia pushes soft power by launching new teamLab digital art museum in Jeddah

The multimedia collective teamLab will launch a new digital art museum in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, by 2023 called teamLab Borderless Jeddah. The Tokyo-based technology group, known for producing crowdpleasing immersive experiences awash with virtual waterfalls and flowers, has entered into a ten-year agreement with the Saudi Ministry of Culture to develop works for the planned museum. (Excerpt from the text)

HYPEBAE 登载。(2020/09/09)


Despite the ongoing pandemic, teamLab has slowly begun announcing upcoming interactive exhibitions all around the world, including Seoul and the Netherlands. Now, the art collective has revealed Barcelona as the latest location for its immersive pieces.
Taking place at CaixaForum, the new exhibition is centered around a theme of changing releationships. Utilizing digital technology, the collective is bringing two works created in partnership with la Caixa” Foundation. Born From the Darkness a Loving, and Beautiful World involves calligraphy graphics that viewers can touch to influence the entire art piece. (Excerpt from the text)

Saudi Gazette 登载。(Sep 13, 2020)

Japanese teamLab to set up digital museum in Jeddah

RIYADH — The Ministry of Culture is preparing to set up an interactive digital museum in Jeddah in cooperation with the international Japanese digital art group teamLab.
The museum is part of a ten-year agreement between the ministry and teamLab under which the museum will be established in Jeddah by the beginning of 2023.
The art group teamLab is specialized in designing digital museums in which arts and technology intersect in innovative creative spaces. It established the world’s first digital museum, which is known for its colorful, futuristic digital art installations and photo ops. (Excerpt from the text)