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New Immersive Sauna + Art Experience by teamLab Will Put You in a ‘Sauna Trance’

Have you ever been to one of those immersive art experiences…that’s also a sauna? Neither have we. In fact, before 2021, there were very few people who had ever heard of such a thing. But it really does exist. In a partnership with TikTok, international art collective teamLab is back with another stunning immersive exhibition—but this time with an innovative twist. Open until August 31 in Tokyo, TikTok teamLab Reconnect is a completely new kind of sauna and art experience that will allow viewers to “experience art in their finest mental state.” (Excerpt from the text)

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Tokyo's luxury saunas offer COVID-stressed populace a warm haven

For the more aesthetically inclined, an international art collective called teamLab is running an exhibition that combines sauna with art. Admission to "teamLab Reconnect: Art with Rinkan Sauna" is pricey -- 4,800 yen on weekdays and 5,800 on weekdays for 100 minutes -- but visitors do not seem to mind. "I could enjoy the art casually and have a refreshing experience," said one.(Excerpt from the text)

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Interactive Art Experience ‘Superblue Miami’ Opens In Allapattah

Four artists are participating. The one you see upon entering is “Meadow” by Drift.

“These are upside-down landscapes that are in perpetual bloom,” said Rodriguez, pointing to the moving flowers suspended from the ceiling.

An exhibit by Team Lab, which is a collective of more than 400 artists, computer programmers, and architects, is called “Proliferating Immense Life.”(Excerpt from the text)

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Giant hot air balloon whales and 15 other outdoor art exhibits to see around the world

In July, international art collective teamLab will return to the historic Mifuneyama Rakuen park in Japan to reinstall its immersive installation, "teamLab: A Forest Where Gods Live," for the sixth time. Using the forest as a canvas, teamLab projects light, color and moving forms onto rocks, caves and sacred trees that date back between 300 and 3,000 years, according to the exhibition website.(Excerpt from the text)

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Interactive Installation Immerses Viewers in Shifting Ecosystems of Their Own Creation

Immersive art experiences have become popular in recent years for the unique and Instagram-worthy excitement they provide. International art collective teamLab—an interdisciplinary group of artists, engineers, animators, and various other specialists—creates interactive digital art installations which allow the viewer to become an active participant in the artwork. The collective’s work has been shown at venues worldwide, including New York, Paris, London, Beijing, and more. For its latest installation, teamLab brings its immersive worlds to Barcelona, Spain.(Excerpt from the text)

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At Superblue, Mind-Bending Meditations on the World Around Us

Superblue, whose debut features phantasmagoric digital environments by Es Devlin, TeamLab, and James Turrell, couldn’t have arrived at a more opportune time. Located directly across from the Rubell Museum, home to the namesake family’s world-class contemporary art collection, the venture transforms a vast former industrial building into a canvas for experiential art. (Excerpt from the text)

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A wacky multi-sensory museum just opened in Miami

Artists Es Devlin, teamLab and James Turrell invite visitors to embark on a multi-sensory journey through thought-provoking, visually spectacular installations.

At the exhibition, visitors will walk through a mirror-like maze by Es Devlin, discover a transcendental digital environment by teamLab, and enter into a enveloping light-based light. Ganzfeld The work of James Turrell.(Excerpt from the text)