beautiful lands

Installations and Designs of teamLab

beautiful lands に、掲載。(Mar 26, 2015)

Installations and Designs of teamLab

teamLab is a Japanese Ultra-technologists group made up of specialists in the information society such as; Programmers (User Interface Engineers, Database Engineers, Network Engineers, Hardware engineers, Computer Vision Engineers, Software Architects), Mathematicians, Architects, CG Animators, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Artists, Editors and more. We create works through “experimentation and innovation” making the borders between Art, Science, and Technology, more Ambiguous.

teamLab has invented many innovative installations and designs, including Floating Flower Garden. Here are some of them.

To see all the projects of teamLab, please visit its website.

beautiful lands
花と人、コントロールできないけれども共に生きる、そして永久に / Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together, for Eternity - Tokyo
世界は、解き放たれ、そして、連なっていく / Worlds Unleashed and then Connecting – Arita Ware
Step onto the Endless Runway – GUCCI Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Collection
Infinity of Flowers
時に咲く花 / Time-blossoming Flowers
追われるカラス、追うカラスも追われるカラス、そして分割された視点 / Crows are chased and the chasing crows are destined to be chased as well, Division in Perspective – Light in Dark