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Future Realities

What does it mean to be human in the digital age? Exploring this question is AI: More Than Human at London’s Barbican Centre, an unprecedented survey of creative and scientific developments in artificial intelligence. Charting its rapidly evolving story – from ancient roots in Japanese Shintoism to the present day – the exhibition explores the changing relationship between individuals and technology.(Excerpt from the text)

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AI: More than Human review - A captivating but brain-scrambling show

Despite science fiction’s evocations of malicious humanoids, artificial intelligence has arrived at the heart of our lives mostly in disembodied forms. Some are more present, like Google or the voices that emerge from our smart speakers or phones. But they’re frequently hidden, invisibly enabling or constraining our daily existence.(Excerpt from the text)

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teamLab Brings Two Immersive Artworks to Singapore's Jewel Changi Airport

Following behind the grand opening of Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport last month, teamLab has created two immersive artworks that light up the new hub. In collaboration with Shiseido Travel Retail and Jewel, both pieces feature color-changing trees that explore the relationship between humans and the world as part of the multisensory S E N S E installation.(Excerpt from the text)

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AN ETERNAL INTERACTION ‘Continuous Life and Death at the Now of Eternity’ by teamLab, created in two installations, 2017 and 2019 is a digital art collection interwoven with science and creativity like the intricate petals and flowers detailing a 9-piece and 12-piece monitor; the plant’s lifecycle is visualized and condensed – what is actually months of work – into a fleeting few minutes of awe and fascination.(Excerpt from the text)

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4月20日号 チームラボ代表猪子氏 「境界のない世界を作る」

There is a museum in Tokyo's Odaiba district that has no floor maps, no glass or ropes around the exhibits, has nothing at all in fact to distance the viewer from the viewed. That's because the some 60 works on display are all digital, projected onto surfaces or shining out from screens.(本文抜粋)

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Let DJ Steve Aoki Craft Your Next Tokyo Itinerary

As the world’s most-traveled DJ (even holding a Guinness World Record to prove it), superstar Steve Aoki logs more than 260 days a year on the road. He journeys everywhere from Argentina to Australia, but the one destination he always yearns to return to is Japan.(Excerpt from the text)