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Free Entry For Singapore Residents To teamLab's New Immersive Exhibition Read more at

If you love the dazzling Future World exhibition at ArtScience Museum, you’ll love this new digital exhibition at Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) even more. #Futuretogether at GBTB is an immersive exhibition of seven digital art installations, and is the brainchild of art collective, teamLab. They’re the maestros who brought you the Insta-worthy sparkly backdrops and installlations at ArtScience Museum. What’s even better? There’s free entry for Singapore residents once #Futuretogether at Gardens by the Bay officially opens on Jan 16, 2020.(Excerpt from the text)

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إعادة البث: رحلة بصرية مذهلة في عالم الضوء والصوت والرائحة

رحلة بصرية مذهلة في عالم الضوء والصوت والرائحة لخلق أنماط مبتكرة في الفن، وخطوات متأنية لاقتحام عالم من الظلمة عبر بوابات صغيرة تفضي بنا إلى أجواء من السحر والخيال وكأنك تطارد الحلم على عتبة الواقع.. لندخل العالم الرقمي معا في مهرجان شانغهاي الدولي الـ21 للفنون! (Excerpt from the text)

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Have you ever been to a teamLab exhibition? If not, you’d be in the minority. teamLab Borderless in Odaiba, Tokyo recently became the most visited single-artist museum in the world. You’d be hard pressed to wander around Tokyo for a day without seeing the vibrant advertisements for teamLab’s exhibitions or to miss the impressive impact the collective has had on the art and tourism world.(Excerpt from the text)

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Japanese Art Group teamLab is Opening a Huge Museum in Shanghai

In its first year, teamLab Borderless Tokyo was the most visited single-artist museum in the world, beating the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Museo Picasso in Barcelona. This November, the Japanese art collective will open the second edition of the museum right here in Shanghai: teamLab Borderless Shanghai, a 6,600 square meter space, within a stone's throw of the Power Station of Art, that will house 50 different artworks, some of them never seen before.(Excerpt from the text)

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TeamLab Is Opening Its Second Immersive Digital Art Museum In Shanghai

Even if you don’t know them by name, you’ve likely seen their work in person or all over Instagram. From a room filled with suspended, color-changing LED strips to an illuminated forest at Singapore Changi Airport’s recently opened Jewel entertainment and retail complex, art collective teamLab is what many other new media creators have tried to imitate. (Excerpt from the text)