Featured on Mercedes Ezquiaga, 2019

Acerca de Será del arte el futuro

Una obra de arte de quince toneladas que combina inteligencia artificial y Big Data, y que transforma en sorprendentes imágenes la información recopilada por un satélite que pasó nueve años en el espacio buscando planetas habitables. Un museo de 10 mil metros cuadrados, completamente digital, con obras producidas por quinientas computadoras que proyectan paisajes de la naturaleza que van mutando con cada estación. Un coleccionista que llevará, en 2023, a un grupo de artistas en la primera misión privada a la Luna, para que, a su regreso, realicen una obra inspirada en el viaje espacial. (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on Design Wanted, 2020/04/08

Existence is beauty, your existence is beautiful - Through the vision & words of teamLab

It’s since 2018 that we hear the word “immersive” used to describe 2 out of 3 design installations. There is nothing wrong with striving for great results, but there is everything wrong in abusing a term to the point that it gets so diluted to lose meaning and become so waterish that you can finally immerse yourself into it.
But ahead of many followers, there is always a great leader (or at least it should be): teamLab is definitely leading the way in defining the essence of immersive art installations completed with deep reflections on human nature. (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on On Office, Spring, 2020

Light years ahead

In the Japanese language, there is an expression called 花鳥風月 (kacho-fugetsu). It is a four-character idiom in which each kanji character represents separately a flower, bird, the wind, and moon or - together - a beautiful and vivid natural landscape. For a long time, Japanese paintings have depicted blooming flowers and and rolling hills that change their expression throughout the four seasons, as well as animals in their natural habitat. (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on BILLIONAIRE, 2020/04/07

Breaking the Mold

It has always been Toshiyuki Inoko's aim to “explore what the world is for humans”.
This, of course, is through the glorious technicolour digital playgrounds of teamLab: a collective of artists and engineers founded by Inoko some 20 years ago. If you haven’t been living in a cave for the last two decades, you will have seen their work: immersive colourful oceans where you draw a fish on a piece of paper and, minutes later, see it swimming through the coral reefs around you; rooms infinitely lit with a million floating lanterns without walls, ceilings; or, seemingly, a floor, a playful forest full of coloured branches to climb through, and so much more. (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on OZY, 2020/03/17


You’ve just settled in to a fine dining restaurant when the room lights up and you’re transported to outer space. An iPad lets you “explore” your projected surroundings — so you can zoom into specific constellations or scribble messages that will show up as projections. The cutlery is made cold using liquid nitrogen to add to the space experience. As your senses acclimatize, out comes the first course of the 90-minute meal — smoked duck and lentil salad with a squid ink risotto moon rock and roselle bubbles. (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on You Tube, Feb 23, 2020

هذا الصباح - أفكار ضوئية جريئة بتنقية النحت الضوئي باليابان

قدم فريق تيم لاب الياباني معرضين أحدهما بلا حدود والآخر كواكب يمكن الزوار من التفاعل والاندماج بالعمل الفني، ويعتمد على إنارة مصابيح بالغة الدقة ومعقودة فيما بينها ويتحكم بالنور لإنشاء صور وكائنات ثلاثية الأبعاد، وهو ما يسمى بالنحت الضوئي. تقرير:مها ماتسومورا

Featured on Japan Endless Discovery, 2020

A Multi - Sensory Digital Art Experience in Tokyo Bay - teamLab Borderless

Digital art pioneers teamLab are a collective of engineers, UI designers, math phenoms, and artists. The interdisciplinary group has hosted extraordinary exhibitions around the world for several years. Their work explores the place where art, the human body, sensory exploration, and technology converge.(Excerpt from the text)

Featured on Wall paper, 2019/12/02

The China List: teamLab, Digital Media

Ever since we were founded, we’ve decided to create through the process of collaborative creation,’ says Japan’s aptly named collective teamLab. Founded in 2001 by Toshiyuki Inoko, the studio specialises in technologically ambitious and highly personal digital art installations that focus on what it means to be human, and above this, the creation of new relationships between humans and nature. (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on The Art Newspaper, 2020/03/31

When did just looking at art lose its appeal?

These days, it seems a blockbuster painting exhibition is incomplete without something extra to liven things up. In recent years, marketing spiels have urged visitors to meet Van Gogh, to dive into Monet’s pond, or sleep in an Edward Hopper. In 2017 London’s Tate Modern offered to transport visitors to the heart of early 20th-century Paris and traipse through Modigliani’s paint and cigarette ash--encrusted studio. (Excerpt from the text)