The Stone Gate of Tsukazaki Castle

The Stone Gate of Tsukazaki Castle

Location: Outside Mifuneyama Rakuen Garden
Hours: On view 24 hours a day

Tsukazaki Castle is also known as Mifuneyama Castle.

This castle is said to have been built by the second generation lord of Takeo, Sukeshige Goto, in the period around 1118-1120 CE.

In the early Edo period (the first half of the 17th century), the Goto family received the surname of Nabeshima from the lord of Saga, Katsushige Nabeshima, and the Goto family name then became Takeo Nabeshima.

Under the "One Castle per Province" law (1615 CE) of the Edo Shogunate, Tsukazaki Castle was eventually abandoned, but it survived to the present as a residence of the Takeo Nabeshima family through the Edo period.

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