luminous colored spheres by teamlab respond to human touch

designboom 登载。(jan 06, 2014)

tokyo-based team lab invite visitors to the hong kong arts centre, china into a hypnotic field of chroma, sound, and luminescence. the maze of giant orbs suspended from the ceiling and hovering above the floor that make up ‘homogenizing and transforming world’ are technologically infused so that simple human contact has the capability of changing the color of their exterior skin. the individual balls floating in the air communicate with each other through a wireless connection, morphing in hue when they bump into things, are touched by people, or receive a shock. the reaction of the numerous adjacent spheres is to mutate their saturation, too, through information sent by the original glowing globe. team lab equates their interconnectivity with the growing interaction of the web saying, ‘the internet has spread throughout the world. individuals are connected to closely related people, and information spreads back and forth freely between them.’ the artwork can currently be seen — and experienced — from now until january 14th, 2014 as part of the exhibit ‘distilling senses: a journey through art and technology in asian contemporary art’.

均质、变化的世界 / Homogenizing and Transforming World