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TeamLab museum invites deep thinking about the world we live in

Art and technology are interlinked more than ever before, with the advancement of technology revolutionizing the way artists create and the way we experience art. With little to no boundaries, the immersive art realm in the modern era has reached new heights, with teamLab leading the global trend. The Vibe's Louisa Lee takes us on an immersive journey at teamLab Massless Beijing, where we are invited to think deep about the world we live in.(Excerpt from the text)

Time Out に、掲載。(June 30, 2023)

Galaxy & teamLab: Catching and Collecting in the Dinosaur Forest

Step into an enchanted digital forest in this collaborative exhibition between teamLab and Galaxy. Now in its third iteration, the interactive experience is based on the concept of catching different digital creatures to study them before releasing them back into their habitat. As it's a digital art experience, you'll be using an app on the Galaxy smartphone to collect different prehistoric animals in the mystical forest.(Excerpt from the text)

CNN Sport に、掲載。(May 23, 2023)

These museums showcase the future, not the past

The ArtScience Museum in Singapore has become known for its boundary-pushing exhibits. It regularly collaborates with art collective teamLab to create interactive installations. The teamLab exhibit "Proliferating Immense Life - A Whole Year per Year" tracked the seasonal changes of flowers. Look through the gallery to see more of the world's most high-tech museums.(Excerpt from the text)

Aesthetica に、掲載。(May 9, 2023)

teamLab Planets: A Sense of Connection

Photographs of teamLab’s art installations are plentiful. On Instagram, the various hashtags – #teamlab, #teamlabborderless, #teamlabplanets – have amassed over one million posts. And rightly so: they are colourful and captivating, glimmering dreamlands that exude excitement and wanderlust. As a result, the international art collective’s Planets is high on many Tokyo “must-see” lists. The reality of visiting is likely to exceed expectations. It is as mesmerising as it looks online. Crucially, though, it reaches beyond social media likes and shares, encouraging audiences to think about their place in the world. Visitors are prompted to not only take pictures but to reconnect with their bodies, nature and other human beings. (Excerpt from the text)

FEAST に、掲載。(May 04, 2023)

teamLab Launched New Project In Harajuku

A showcase of the Galaxy brand opened in Harajuku, Tokyo in March 2019. Since 2022, Galaxy Harajuku has been collaborating with teamLab to offer an experiential center through transformative and unparalleled experiences. And this time, their collab is “Galaxy & teamLab: Catching and Collecting in the Dinosaur Forest“. It just opened on April 8.(Excerpt from the text)

designboom に、掲載。(Mar 18, 2023)

'what will NFTs change about art?' - damien hirst, teamlab, & others land at gyre gallery

Tokyo’s Gyre Gallery is launching its latest exhibition, ‘Artistic Experiments in the Age of Hyper-Technological Reproduction ー What Will NFTs Change About Art?’ Running from March 24 to May 21, 2023, the event spotlights the nature of NFTs and the many ways in which their recent boom could alter the art scene as we know it. An NFT, short for Non-Fungible Token, is a unique cryptographic asset driven by blockchain technology; it cannot be replicated or traded and features a clear record of its owner. From Damien Hirst to teamLab and Rafaël Rozendaal, the exhibition gathers an impressive pool of artists and introduces their NFTs in three chapters: Sharing, Aura of the Simulacra, and Transnational Power. Each theme corresponds to the fundamental prerequisites for any artwork: Ownership/Contract, Creation, and Exhibition.