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Could Artist Collectives Transform A Post-Corona Art World?

Last year, the UK art world was stunned when the winner of the 2019 Turner Prize was the entire shortlist of nominees. Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Helen Cammock, Oscar Murillo, and Tai Shani petitioned the judges of the UK’s most prestigious art award to award the prize to them as a collective called Abu Hamdan / Cammock / Murillo / Shani. The jury unanimously agreed, acknowledging the artists’ commitment to “commonality, multiplicity and solidarity.” This exceptional moment didn’t just reflect the collaborative power of art, but also shows how artist collectives have had a renaissance in recent decades. (本文抜粋)

The Singapore Architect に、掲載。(2020年3月)


Simone Chung: To begin, please tell the readers a bit about yourselves and how you ended up working in teamLab.
Takashi Kudo: My name is Takashi Kudo and I am from teamLab. Actually, I don't have a title on my business card. If you need some sort of designation then I would be the Communications Director - like a spokesperson, in charge of 'branding' from the communications aspect as well as projects in their initial stages that are yet to be defined. (本文抜粋)

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Exclusive interview with teamLab: Reflect on Beauty (4)

We want people to be involved with the world. As much as possible, we want to re-think the boundary between the world and oneself. Living in the city, you feel as if there is a border between yourself and the world, but the world really is meant for us to be involved with.
It may be just a bit, but the world is something that changes due to your existence. We believe that there is a borderless, continuous relationship between us and the world. (本文抜粋)

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Exclusive interview with teamLab: Defying Rigidity (3)

teamLab is an international art collective with members from around the world.
Mung7Art highly appreciates teamLab being conscious of the art of creating art.
teamLab began with five graduates in 2001. They started off at a group show, then a gallery, pavilion, then on to bigger venues, a massive park, before finally launching their own digital-only 10,000-sqm museum. (本文抜粋)

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Exclusive interview: How teamLab transform perceptions of art (2)

After 18 years since forming the collective, how do you think you have shaped and influenced the art world, the way people appreciate art, the way people come together to work from different cities in the world?
teamLab aims to explore the relationship between the self and the world and new perceptions through art. In order to understand the world around them, people separate it into independent entities with perceived boundaries between them. (本文抜粋)

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“We dissolve the boundaries between the artworks. They transcend, relate and intermix. By experiencing that, you might think that everything in this world may be borderless, and that the world without boundaries is beautiful … Our intention is to change people’s standard of beauty, even if it requires a great deal of time.”(Excerpt from the text)

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Acerca de Será del arte el futuro

Una obra de arte de quince toneladas que combina inteligencia artificial y Big Data, y que transforma en sorprendentes imágenes la información recopilada por un satélite que pasó nueve años en el espacio buscando planetas habitables. Un museo de 10 mil metros cuadrados, completamente digital, con obras producidas por quinientas computadoras que proyectan paisajes de la naturaleza que van mutando con cada estación. Un coleccionista que llevará, en 2023, a un grupo de artistas en la primera misión privada a la Luna, para que, a su regreso, realicen una obra inspirada en el viaje espacial. (Excerpt from the text)

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Existence is beauty, your existence is beautiful - Through the vision & words of teamLab

It’s since 2018 that we hear the word “immersive” used to describe 2 out of 3 design installations. There is nothing wrong with striving for great results, but there is everything wrong in abusing a term to the point that it gets so diluted to lose meaning and become so waterish that you can finally immerse yourself into it.
But ahead of many followers, there is always a great leader (or at least it should be): teamLab is definitely leading the way in defining the essence of immersive art installations completed with deep reflections on human nature. (本文抜粋)

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Light years ahead

In the Japanese language, there is an expression called 花鳥風月 (kacho-fugetsu). It is a four-character idiom in which each kanji character represents separately a flower, bird, the wind, and moon or - together - a beautiful and vivid natural landscape. For a long time, Japanese paintings have depicted blooming flowers and and rolling hills that change their expression throughout the four seasons, as well as animals in their natural habitat. (Excerpt from the text)